Looking for a way to drive traffic to my site

Hello everyone, i have a porn site.

I had traffic about 20k unique a day which made me 100$ daily but now my traffic dropped to about 1k daily (my google site got blocket for 2 weeks, waiting for reactivation to start post No Nude pics again, i think will work again).


I am trying to get traffic from other sites while i am waiting…
- instagram (using instagress for getting followers) i already have 1600 followers
- I bought a Tumblr bot which i am using since 2 day with 28 Bot account about 300 followers at all

Both IG and Tumblr drive TOO LESS traffic to my site currently. Really too less to hit the 20k uniques a day. I think its less than 50 uniques!

So my question is.
I need huge viral traffic from social media sites.
–I know that
- Twitter does not work for me (700 followers) i tried it so often to drive traffic from twitter but its TOO less
- Facebook: omg i have a site with 10k followers, really Facebook fucks me up i hate it -ZERO traffic – Real followers which i bought with Facebook advertising

Okay, i know you do not want to tell me your personal success guides/sites, but i have a question how to drive HUGE traffic from TUMBLR with my bot (28 accounts) i use bot xtumble

And from instagram i tried everything, posting link on every post, add URL to my profile, works not bad but still too less to make easy money.

if you can tell me:
What is important for social(viral) traffic
What is important for a Social network to get HUGE traffic
HOW to make users click the link on tumblr

THANKS =):cow04:

Download looking.for.a.way.to.drive.traffic.to.my.site.zip
Direct Link


Download looking.for.a.way.to.drive.traffic.to.my.site.zip


Download looking.for.a.way.to.drive.traffic.to.my.site.zip


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