Live performance! Josie Long: Cara Josephine and One Man Breaking Bad

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The first thing I would like to do today is say sorry for the lateness of this post. I have the best of intentions for this blog but often work/life/eating crisps in my pants takes priority, so I offer my sincerest apologies. However, as compensation you will be receiving not one, but TWO, shiny new reviews of some live performances I went along to about a week ago. One was Josie Long’s current stand up tour, Cara Josephine, and the other was One Man Breaking Bad, performed by Miles Allen. But before I get onto that, I would like to recommend the Warwick Arts Centre to any fellow Midlanders. It’s a lovely, intimate venue with a wide variety of comedy, film and music (plus free evening parking for all you fellow tight thrifty folk out there). Now enough about that, on with the reviews!

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I’m going to dive in with full force to my review of Josie Long. I loved it. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. Cara Josephine is a journey through family, love and loss, plus the occasional hideously embarrassing sexual mishap. I did not expect to be leaving the theatre so deeply touched by what I’d just seen as well as my stomach hurting from laughing. Although I have followed Josie for a while now (mainly on twitter and watching her perform, not stalking), this tour is the best that I have ever seen her. She openly discusses painful or awkward experiences in a very moving way, with an earnestness and positivity that is so endearing.

However, I don’t want to paint the show as dour in any way, it is very funny from start to finish. Her conversational performance style perfectly complements the quirky little anecdotes and impressions throughout the performance, and even in the dreaded front row, I felt very comfortable and at ease. This eccentric, honest, fully hilarious show was definitely worth a watch, and if you’re reading this from Melbourne, I wholeheartedly suggest you book tickets for April’s performances.


Now to a very different show. I have to admit, I had no idea whatsoever what to expect when I went into One Man Breaking Bad. As an absolute addict of the series, I thought I would either really enjoy it, or loathe it to the very core of my being. Luckily it was the former. Miles Allen pulls off the very difficult task of being funny and engaging for 90 minutes, while performing as some of the best known characters in recent television history, with minimal props or staging. I have no end of admiration for someone who has the balls to do that, as it is a very daunting job. The energy in the performance was relentless, and on the whole, his impressions were fantastic.

The journey through the different seasons of Breaking Bad is broken up with some audience participation games, skits, and stand up, all of which worked perfectly with the show as a whole. There is also something incredibly unifying about being part of the experience, as the audience, along with Miles himself, are generally self confessed ‘Breaking Baddicts’, so references and jokes usually land well across the full spectrum of the theatre. It’s a fun, slightly zany show that definitely didn’t disappoint.

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